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Why You Should Deal with a Dental Emergency Quickly - Apex Dental near Clover, Lake Wylie and Gaston

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Have you ever experienced a dental emergency? If not, you may not know what to do when this unfortunate situation occurs. It is important to know what steps to take, including receiving emergency dental care in Clover, SC, so that you can maintain good dental health and avoid any negative consequences. Keep reading to see why you should deal with a dental emergency quickly:

Save Your Teeth

Traumatic injuries can leave you with chipped or broken teeth as well as teeth that are partially dislodged or knocked-out completely. If you do not seek emergency dental care after experiencing this type of injury, you may end up permanently losing your teeth and needing dentures, dental implants, or other replacement options. Luckily, seeing an emergency dentist quickly can increase the chances of you saving your teeth. If your tooth is chipped, broken, or knocked out, carefully pick up any pieces you find and bring them with you to the dentist.

Avoid Pain

Whether you’re experiencing a toothache or something more severe such as a knocked-out tooth, you are likely going to feel a lot of pain around your teeth, gums, and jaw. The longer you wait to receive treatment, the more pain you are likely to feel. If you are feeling any type of pain, it is important to at least contact your emergency dentist to see if it is necessary to visit the office. Your dentist will be able to provide treatments and medications that can help you avoid pain.

Reduce the Risk of Infections

Along with pain, infection is a common concern after experiencing a dental emergency. Infection can occur in the body as a result of traumatic injuries, including those that affect the mouth. If left untreated, infections can spread to other parts of the body, putting you at greater risk for larger health problems. Visiting your emergency dentist right away will reduce your risk of developing an infection.


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