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Senior citizens 65 years and older

may have unique dental needs like dry mouth, gum disease, root caries, multiple or all missing teeth. Management of these conditions requires individualized treatment and care. The treatment options range from preventive measures to modify the salivary rate, fluoride treatment including prescription oral hygiene products to restoring the missing teeth and dentition.

At Apex Dental , we likes to evaluate and assess each individual patients need and build a customized plan. We offer special pricing for all senior citizens if they don’t have any dental insurance.

For more information call us today for a consult and our team would be able to answer all your questions.

Partial denture being placed

Partial denture
in place

Partial denture in mouth
(showing clasps)

Removable partial denture for few missing teeth
Complete Denture for All Missing Teeth
Fixed Bridge Placement

Missing Tooth

Teeth next to the 
space are prepared
for placement of 
the bridge.

The custom-made 
bridge is placed 
over the prepared teeth

The bridge is 
cemented into place.

Implanted Supported Crown and Bridge

Dental implants are made of titanium (a strong, lightweight metal) and other materials. Millions of implants are placed by dentists every year in the United States, which makes them a very common and popular option for replacing teeth.

Missing tooth 

Missing tooth replaced by a dental implant

Implant Supported Bridge

Missing teeth 

A bridge is placed on implants

After the bridge is placed

Implant Supported Hybrid Prosthesis
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