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Why Root Canal? - Apex Dental near Rock Hill, Fort Mill and York

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It’s no surprise that root canals are universally despised by patients. Every time you hear about a root canal there always seems to be a horror story that’s attached to it. The truth is, root canal treatment has come a long way and it can be quite comfortable. It all depends on how severe your case is and how we’re able to treat it. We know that the high-pitched sound of a dental drill keeps you up at night, especially if you’re supposed to undergo treatment. At our office in Rock Hill, SC, our root canal therapy helps you avoid the pain and countless complications that usually go along with root canal treatment. Dr. Sontakke uses a gentle approach with a caring hand so that you remain comfortable throughout your procedure. How did it get to this, though? Why do you need root canal treatment in the first place? Read on.

Root Canal – Why?

Cavities, my friend; cavities. They’re a tooth’s kryptonite. A root canal is needed whenever a tooth is heavily infected (cavity) or you’ve received some type of dental trauma. Infections can cause some serious pain that you don’t want any part of. It isn’t surprising to experience pain in your neck, ear, and elsewhere. Talk about discomfort, a pain in your tooth or several teeth can leave your health in shambles. Not only that, but infections can lead to even more complications if it isn’t treated swiftly. Did you know an untreated infection can get so bad that it can become fatal? There have been many cases of fatal infections in the United States just over the last five years, which is surprising considering how available the treatment is to most patients.

If you’ve experienced any of the following symptoms, root canal therapy may be in your very near future:

· Uncontrollable pain

· Tooth sensitivity when your tooth is tapped or pressure is applied

· Toothaches during the middle of the night

· Face swelling

· Abscess located on your gums

Root Canal – What’s the Procedure?

Dr. Sontakke will get in there and remove any infected tissue from the inside of your tooth followed by a filling. A crown is most often placed as extra strength for the tooth’s structure. Don’t worry – you’ll be under anesthesia throughout the procedure for maximum comfort. It’s nothing like the horror story your friends and loved ones have tried telling you. Dr. Sontakke places a premium on providing the most comfortable therapy available.

Make An Appointment for Root Canal Therapy in Rock Hill, SC

Dr. Sontakke and her staff are ready to help alleviate your tooth pain and rid your smile of any infections. If you or a loved are suffering from deep cavities, our office in Rock Hill, SC is happy to assist. We enjoy extending services to our neighbors in Fort Mill and York.


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