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Root Canal Treatment - Apex Dental Rock Hill

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Root Canal Retreatment May Become Necessary

In some cases, a previous treated tooth may become painful or infected a number of months or years after the initial endodontic procedure. This doesn’t mean you will lose the tooth but rather the suspect tooth has a second chance.

Another Endodontic Procedure?

Some Reasons why your root canal may not heal as anticipated:

· Cracked or broken crown may result in new infection to the root canal tooth

· There may be a new fracture to the root canal treated tooth

· There was a delay in the placement of a crown after the initial root canal treatment

A root canal treated tooth is still susceptible to new decay, which can expose the filling material to bacteria leading to a new tooth infection

During Root Canal Retreatment

What will happen during retreatment?

· Your Endodontist will discuss whether treatment is required. If so, the various treatment options will be explained

· The Endodontist will reopen your tooth, which may involve removal of crown and core material.

· The canal filling will be removed then the canal or canals will be cleaned

· The tooth will be examined of any other unusual anatomy that may require treatment.

· The Endodontist fills and seals the canal or canals and places a temporary filling within the tooth.

Once the root canal treatment has been completed, your Endodontist will usually crown of use some other method of restoration to restore your tooth to its full function.


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