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Good Teeth Alignment - More than just smile

Good tooth alignment - more than just a beautiful smile!

Your smile can have a significant impact on your first impression on other people.

Straight, properly aligned teeth not only can boost your confidence, but can also reduce

your risks for several serious oral health problems.

● Straight teeth are easier to clean with brushing and flossing.

● Malpositioned (crooked) teeth form lots of tiny spaces where bacteria and food

debris can hide. These areas are really hard to clean with brushing and flossing

and the bacteria in them can grow and flourish increasing the likelihood you’ll

develop cavities and gum disease.

● Properly aligned teeth are less likely to need repair due to chipping or breaking

● Teeth don’t come together correctly when the jaws close when a significant

overbite or underbite is present. This creates a “bad bite” also known as

malocclusion. A bad bite can create problems with chewing or swallowing.

● Children and teenagers are not the only candidates for braces or clear aligners,

adult patients can get the benefits of good tooth alignment too and improve the

longevity of their dentition.

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