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A white smile can also be a healthy one

There is a need for us to readdress our perceptions of what a healthy smile. It’s important to remember that with the introduction of cosmetic dentistry, all may not be what it seems, and a white smile is not necessarily a healthy one.

White teeth as a result of tooth whitening are still susceptible to tooth decay, and the gums are still prone to disease.

Just as white teeth can improve our self-esteem, suffering from tooth loss can have the opposite effect. Strong evidence is also pointing to gum disease linking to wider conditions such as heart disease, strokes, diabetes and dementia. The health of our mouth isn’t only important for the state of our smile, it is also incredible influential for our quality of life.

It all means we need to strike a better balance. Of course, we can still have our teeth whitened, but we need to realize that the health of our teeth is far more important than the color.

How to keep a healthy mouth

So how do we achieve a healthy smile? The good news is that the answer is pretty simple. Healthy teeth and gums can be achieved by a good oral health routine at home and regularly visiting our dentist.

A good oral health routine only involves a few easy steps:

· Brushing our teeth twice a day with a fluoride toothpaste for two minutes. This is best done last thing at night and one other time during the day.

· Cleaning in between our teeth daily with interdental brushes or floss.

· Using mouthwash daily.

· Chewing sugar free gum in between meals.

· Cutting down how much sugar we have, and how often we have it – and keeping sugar consumption to mealtimes.

· Visiting our dentist as often as they recommend.

So, there we have it.

By sticking to this basic routine, we can achieve that healthy mouth. The next time we show off the results of our latest tooth whitening treatment, we can also be confident that our teeth and gums are in tip-top condition too.


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