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Toothache: How to Prevent it - Apex Dental near Rock Hill, Fort Mill and York

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Most people have to deal with toothache pain a few times in their lives. The term refers to pain that originates from a damaged tooth. Toothaches can vary in severity from mild to severe and can occur randomly or persistently. Toothaches should not be ignored since it is the way the brain lets you know there is something wrong with a tooth or some other area of the mouth.

How to prevent toothache pain

The best protection one can have from toothaches is to take proper care of their teeth and gums. Doing so keeps the mouth healthy, which, in turn, protects one against tooth decay. Here are some simple things anyone can do to reduce the risk of developing toothaches.

1. Brush twice daily

Brushing is the most important thing a person can do when it comes to keeping the mouth healthy. It is performed to remove plaque and food particles from teeth surfaces. Plaque houses bacteria and these organisms convert food particles into acids that damage teeth. When left on teeth surfaces for extended periods, plaque will eventually calcify and turn into tartar. Like plaque, tartar facilitates tooth decay, but it cannot be removed by brushing or flossing.

2. Flossing daily

Flossing serves the same purpose as brushing. It removes food particles and plaque from teeth surfaces. Since the bristles of a toothbrush cannot reach the tight spaces between teeth, dental floss is used to clean these areas. Failing to floss leaves a person susceptible to tooth decay regardless of how often they brush their teeth. Tooth decay is one of the most common causes of toothache pain.

3. Limit sugary foods and drinks

One of the most damaging things a person can expose teeth to is sugar. It has an acidic nature and it loves to cling on teeth surfaces. Oral bacteria also love sugar since they consume it and convert it to acids. People who consume lots of sugary drinks and foods regularly are more susceptible to tooth decay. Patients are advised to keep the sugar consumption to a minimum to keep toothache pain at bay. When one does consume something sugary, dentists recommend rinsing the mouth out with water afterward.

4. Drink lots of water

Drinking lots of water is great for a person’s overall health, and it is just as good for dental health. Water helps to clean the mouth, rinsing away sugar, food particles and debris. Drinking water throughout the day helps to prevent the things that can damage teeth from making contact with them.

5. Visit a dentist twice a year

Regular dental visits go a long way when it comes to preventing toothaches. Most dental issues that lead to toothaches have symptoms that can be noticed by a dentist during a routine checkup. Regular dental visits give the dentist a chance to fix developing problems before they lead to pain.

Dealing with a toothache

If you are dealing with a toothache, you need to contact your dentist right away. After the initial evaluation, your dentist will be able to provide the appropriate treatment. Let your dentist figure out the cause of the pain and treat it. Do not delay!

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